Sexual Assault

Being charged with sexual assault in  is a very difficult experience. From wondering how serious the penalties will be to attempting to clear your name of these charges, it may seem like you feel you’ve been convicted before you’ve even had your day in court. At the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates, we believe that everyone is entitled to a robust, vigorous defense. We will leave no stone unturned in finding a defense for these charges, helping you potentially retain your good name and preventing a lifetime of punishment.

Our attorneys understand that the accused needs sympathy and compassion in these difficult times, and we will work to make sure that you always have an ally in your corner. We also understand how sensitive these matters are, so we keep any and all information about your case in the strictest confidence. Together, we work to achieve the best possible outcome for your particular case.

Sexual assault charges can stem from several different activities, including:

All of these charges are very serious crimes in the Commonwealth of Virginia and a conviction of any one will require registration on Virginia’s sex offender registry. This can haunt someone forever, causing even close and family to abandon a person. Fortunately, the lawyers at the Law Office of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates have experience handling these charges and we will hold the state to the highest standard, making them prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

These cases are often very difficult because they generally rely on one person’s word versus another. False allegations happen, mistaken identity occurs, and people find out all too late that there was no crime or that the wrong person was identified. These accusations can be unreliable, therefore it is important to have a Fairfax sexual assault attorney who will vigorously work to find holes in witness testimony that may bolster your case.

In order to speak to witnesses who may be able to offer testimony to help your case or to begin identifying problems in those testifying against you, it is vital to contact a sexual assault attorney immediately. As time goes on, witnesses can disappear or forget key facts. By beginning an investigation right away, we can identify and speak to key witnesses soon after the incident in question. This can be the difference between a guilty and not guilty verdict.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates have experience in handling all sexual claims and know how to conduct an investigation that can turn up evidence in favor of the defendant. They know how to best present these defenses and know how to handle these delicate cases. This can prove invaluable in securing a person’s freedom and helping the defendant achieve the best possible outcome for their given case.

These crimes require attorneys with the experience and resources to properly defend against the charges. A person deserves a robust defense and deserves to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. We will hold the state to the highest standard possible and force the prosecutor to prove each element of a given charge. While we cannot guarantee any particular outcome, we can guarantee that we will fight diligently to give you the representation you deserve.

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