Sex Offender Evaluation

If you have been convicted as a sex offender in Virginia, you will need to undergo an evaluation from a qualified psychologist in order to gauge the likelihood of re-offending. This process can be very difficult and confusing for those who have just been convicted of a sex crime. We can work to make sure that you are fully compliant with the law, reducing the chance that you will be sent back to jail for violating your parole.

These sensitive test results can be embarrassing for a person and they may feel like they are being judged. Our Fairfax Sex Crimes Lawyer will offer only compassion and understanding, free from judgment or condemnation. Our only goal is making sure you are fully compliant with the law and helping you abide by the terms of your release. All results will be kept in the strictest confidence by our attorneys and we will only work to make sure your interests are fully represented.

These test results are done to measure whether a person should be considered a sexually violent predator under Virginia law. If a person is found to be a sexually violent predator, the state of Virginia can have them civilly committed to a mental health facility where they can be held until such time as they are deemed fit to re-enter society. This can be a scary situation for a person unfamiliar with these proceedings, so we will work to help a person through them, explaining each step in the process and helping navigate this trying evaluation.

Our Fairfax Sex Crimes Attorneys will help find a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist who meets the guidelines for evaluating sex offenders in Virginia. We will work to make sure that all tests and evaluations are done in a timely manner and that there is no hang up or delay which may threaten a person’s freedom. This way, a person will be able to live without worry that they will accidentally run afoul of the law by not abiding with the terms of their parole.

The Fairfax Sex Crimes Attorneys at the Law Office of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates will work to make sure that your interests are upheld and that you receive fair treatment under the law. If you face civil commitment, our attorneys will work tirelessly to keep you from being held in a mental health facility and work to keep you free. We have helped many clients during this difficult process and will be happy to assist you during your time of need.

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