A charge that can accompany different sex crimes is the charge of stalking or spying into a dwelling. Voyeurism / stalking is a crime that arises out of someone placing another in imminent fear of danger or sexual assault on more than one occasion. This charge can be difficult for the prosecution to prove, especially if someone lives near another and they find themselves in similar places throughout the course of a day. A person may be unaware they are causing fear in another person and suddenly find themselves charged with a crime.

A similar charge, although unrelated, is spying into a dwelling. This crime arises out of someone using a peephole, window, or door, or by placing a camera or other apparatus in order to view a non-consenting person’s genitals, public area, female breasts, or a person in their undergarments when they have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Each of these crimes is a Class 1 misdemeanor, although a person previously convicted of stalking can face a Class 6 felony.

At the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson, we understand that these charges can be embarrassing and we understand that people may be reluctant to seek out an attorney. We will not judge and seek only to provide compassion and understanding to our clients. Our sole focus is getting you the best outcome possible for your particular case and making sure your rights are full represented under the law. We will keep all information in the strictest confidence, ensuring that you can speak freely with your Fairfax Stalking Lawyer without fear that sensitive information will find its way into the public.

One common element to each of these crimes is intent. A person must intentionally cause fear in a person to be charged with stalking, and a person must intentionally attempt to peer at a non-consensual person in order to be charged with spying into a dwelling. By casting doubt on the intention of a person, it may be possible to get these charged reduced or thrown out. We will work tirelessly to come up with a viable defense theory, forcing the state to prove each element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a conviction.

Our Fairfax Sex Crime Lawyers work with leading experts in their fields in order to come up with this defense strategy. We also utilize a team-based approach in order to ensure that a case is being seen from all different angle. By working together, we can make sure that nothing is missed and make sure that you are receiving the representation you deserve.

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