Indecent Exposure

Being charged with indecent exposure can be a very difficult experience. It is a charge  associated with obscenely displaying a person’s private parts in a public place. This excludes breastfeeding but includes acts such as public masturbation or sex in a public place.

We understand that a charge of indecent exposure can be an isolating incident with no one in your corner. Our attorneys will listen with compassion and without judgment, working only to find the best possible resolution for your particular case. All information we collect will be held in the strictest confidence and will be used only to assist in your defense. You can be sure that with our Northern Virginia Indecent Exposure Lawyers, you have an ally working to represent your interests.

This crime relies on intent, therefore, if a Fairfax Indecent Exposure Attorney can show that a person was not intending to display these private parts in public, these charges may be dropped or greatly reduced. In McKeon v. the Commonwealth 211 Va. 24, 175 S.E.2d 282 (1970), for instance, a man was charged with indecent exposure involving a 13 year old child. In this case, the man had asked the child to buy some groceries, which she did. As she was leaving, the man told her to “turn around,” which she did when she was approximately 35 feet away. She turned to see his bathrobe blowing open, exposing his private parts. The man was not aroused at the time and made no overt gestures to expose himself to the girl. He was found not guilty on appeal by the Virginia Supreme Court.

The charges were dropped because the man had shown no “lascivious intent” in exposing himself to the girl. Just the simple fact that his private parts were exposed did not constitute the lascivious intent required for a conviction under Virginia law. This case serves to show how important it is for a Prince William County Indecent Exposure Lawyer to force the prosecution to prove each and every element of indecent exposure.

A skilled Northern Virginia Indecent Exposure Attorney can cast doubt on the lascivious intent and show that any exposure that may have occurred was accidental. If the state cannot prove that a person acted with this intent, the jury will be instructed to return a verdict of not guilty. This will be a vital part of any defense.

Hiring an experienced Fairfax indecent exposure attorney can mean the difference between conviction and exoneration. This is the difference between being forced to register as a sex offender and being able to live your life without such a stigma. This stigma will severely limit employment opportunities and cause neighbors to look at you with suspicion. It will be a penalty that no doubt follows you for a lifetime, so it is extremely important that you contact a criminal defense lawyer right away.

At the Law Office of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates, our Prince William County Indecent Exposure Attorneys have experience handling the most serious of all sex crime charges. We will work diligently to force the state to prove each element of its case and stop at nothing to defend you from these serious charges. Our committed, knowledgeable sex crime attorneys will work tirelessly to give you the best advice possible and work to give you the best representation possible from these charges.

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