Public Indecency

When people are in public, they are expected to act a certain way and avoid certain activities. Running afoul of this concept in Virginia can have serious consequences, especially if engaged in a sexual act in public or an act that makes someone fear for their safety. If you have been charged with any crime involving public indecency, you need to contact a Virginia sex crimes attorney right away.

Public indecency, while not specifically a charge in Virginia, encompasses many acts done in public. These types of charges can include, but are not limited to, the following:

The charge of indecent exposure ensures that a person is secure when walking the streets. Since many people do not want to see certain parts of the human body, especially if someone is sexually aroused or engaging in behavior for sexual gratification, the Commonwealth of Virginia takes these crimes very seriously. An element the state must prove, however, is that this exposure was done intentionally in order to achieve gratification. A skilled Virginia sex crimes attorney can cast reasonable doubt on the intent of these acts and help keep these serious charges off a person’s record.

Voyeurism, however, is meant to secure a person in their homes. These crimes involve people spying or otherwise peeping on a person when they think they are alone. If a person is charged with spying in a dwelling, they can face serious charges under Virginia law. Again, the prosecution must prove that a person intended to spy on a person to see them in the nude or engaged in private behavior.

Stalking is a crime that is both an attempt to secure a person in public and in a their home. This is the crime of persistent unwanted contact after a person has been asked to stop. If the prosecution can show that the defendant intended to make a person feel unsafe with this persistent contact, they will be charged with stalking. However, it must be shown that the person knew or should have known that the alleged victim was uncomfortable or fearful. If this element cannot be proven by the prosecution, these charges can be dropped.

If you face a charge related to public indecency, you need a skilled Fairfax sex crimes attorney who can provide the help you need. We understand how sensitive these charges are and we understand that you need compassion during this difficult time. We will provide sound advice, giving you an ally during this trying process. We will also fight tenaciously to cast reasonable doubt on any charges against you, giving you the best chance possible at a positive outcome.

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