Internet Solicitation of a Child

The internet is a powerful tool for bringing people together, but unfortunately it also presents pitfalls for people who are not careful. For instance, a person may think they are talking to someone of legal age only to find later that this person was not who they said they were. This can present serious problems for someone who may have had a sexually suggestive conversation online with a minor. If you have been charged with internet solicitation of a minor, you need to contact an attorney right away.

Our attorneys understand that these charges can be embarrassing and we understand they carry a stigma in society. We will listen with compassion and with an open mind, giving only advice that helps our client get the best outcome possible for their given case. All information collected will be kept in strict confidence and we will work to make sure that your interests are fully represented in a court of law.

A key element of Virginia internet solicitation of a minor is that a person over the age of 18 “knows or has reason to believe” they person they are communicating with is under the age of 15. The “reason to believe” section gives prosecutors a wide net when charging people with this crime. It may be that a young person has told the other person they are over 18 when it turns out that their online profile may have their real age. If a person is not careful, they can suddenly find themselves charged with a serious crime in Virginia.

Our lawyers will work to show that the accused did not know that a person was a minor, especially if they have represented themselves as an adult. If our attorneys can cast reasonable doubt on the charges against a person, it can result in a prosecutor ultimately dropping the charges or greatly reducing them. This can help a person avoid the stigma that comes with a sex crime against a child.

At the Law Office of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates, our attorney have the knowledge and experience to help people charged with crimes against children. We utilize a wide range of experts, including computer forensic experts and psychologists, to formulate the best defense possible for our clients. Our attorneys also work with one another to see a case from all angles, ensuring that no detail is missed and that a client is receiving the best representation possible. And with experience at both the state and Federal level, we can help no matter what venue in which a person is tried.

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