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One of the most difficult charges a person can face is being charged with a sex crime. These are highly emotional cases that require compassion from an attorney with the skills to handle the psychological impact of these delicate cases. With 30 years experience handling these charges, our Sex Crimes Attorneys know how to provide the support the defendant deserves.

These crimes carry unique penalties that will follow a person for a lifetime. This is doubly true if the sex crime involves a child or a minor. Being forced to register as a sex offender means that you will be stigmatized and judged by friends and family. The penalties are very severe, so these charges require a lawyer immediately.

At the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates, we believe everyone is entitled to a stringent defense, especially those charged with sex crimes. The penalties are dramatic, therefore it is vital to make sure that the accused is treated fairly under the law and that his or her interests are being fully represented. Our lawyers will listen with compassion and without judgment, no matter how serious the charges may be. Our sole focus will be on achieving the best possible outcome for your case. We keep all information in the strictest confidence, ensuring that you can speak freely and without worry of having the details of your case leaked to the public. We understand how difficult these charges can be, and we want you to feel completely able to trust that we are only looking out for you.

Some common sex crimes can include:

Our attorneys have defended against a variety of sex crimes charges and know how to provide sound advice during this difficult process. By having a strong ally in your corner, this challenging time can be made simpler and easier to navigate.

By contacting the Law Offices of Patrick N. Anderson and Associates right after you have been charged, we can begin formulating your defense immediately. We work with the top experts in the field to assist in your defense, leaving no stone unturned in casting reasonable doubt on your charges.

Our office has worked for 30 years in defending thousands of cases across the Commonwealth of Virginia. We take great pride in standing up for clients, ensuring that they are receiving the best possible representation for their particular charges. We believe that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and will be a stalwart in defending your rights. Our lawyers truly care about our clients and want to help you during these trying times.

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